Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pizza and political blogs: Is something going on today?

OK, ONE more post then I'm REALLY on medical leave:

Happy Election Day! First, here's a sneak peek at tonight's most potentially divisive battle: The fight over newsroom pizza.

Then (and thanks to Leanne South and Dale Rice for the heads-up): Dale Rice's political blogging class is featured today in both the Chronicle of Higher Education and the Batt. Check it out!

And now, back to today's regularly scheduled news frenzy. I wish you all many early returns!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Battalion wins Pacemaker award!!

OK, one quick last post and then I really am on medical leave (see below). The Batt staff won a Pacemaker!! Wooooohooo! Congratulations to all of you! Here's the top of the Batt story:
At the 87th Annual National College Media Convention on Saturday, The Battalion was given a Pacemaker award presented by the Associated Collegiate Press and the Newspaper Association of America Foundation.
The awards are considered to be the highest national honors for student journalists and several issues from each newspaper's production schedule are selected at random to be judged, which ensures that to be competitive for a Pacemaker, a publication must show consistent quality over an academic year.
"The Pacemaker is college journalists' equivalent of the Pulitzer prize and the highest honor that could be bestowed upon a college newspaper," said Robert Wegener, the general manager of Student Media. "It is a recognition of all of the hard work that is constantly put into the newsroom, and I am really proud of the staff."

Your Aggie Journalists blogger is temporarily AWOL

Well, actually, on medical leave as it turns out. I'll be back very soon, but in the meantime, there's been so much effort and goodwill that have gone into making this blog a vital place for interaction that I would hate to see it falter just because I step out briefly. So if I may ask you all:

Please keep it going till I get back!
I love getting the e-mails you guys send me and helping keep people connected, and I will be back before you know it. Gig 'em!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

What does FJSA do?

I was compiling this for a meeting awhile back and it occurred to me y'all might like to read it too:

FJSA stalwartly supports journalism at Texas A&M.

Professional journalists teaching and speaking to students Since the Journalists-in-Residence program began in 2005 (bringing three or four professional journalists each spring to teach JOUR 490 for a week apiece), nearly every one has come from the ranks of FJSA. FJSA actively helps in recruiting these journalists and also those who come to campus to teach classes, speak to classes and work with students at the Battalion, during fall, spring and summer.

Scholarships In Fall 2007, FJSA created a fund for a new scholarship, the C.J. "Skip" Leabo scholarship, and is currently raising money. The FJSA Bob Rogers scholarship is awarded every spring, supplying an outstanding journalism student with up to $1,600.

Networking In the past year FJSA has created several new ways to bring current and former students together. Nearly 300 members are now connected through FJSA's Facebook and LinkedIn groups. The Aggie Journalists blog, begun in March 2007, regularly publishes news and updates from former students around the nation and the world, as well as current students, the JOUR program and A&M's student media. The blog and Aggiejournalists.com also contain a substantial amount of information geared toward helping current students land internships and jobs and prepare them for success in journalism.

Publicity FJSA honors an outstanding graduate each fall at its reception, which is covered by local media and also serves as a platform to review the achievements of the journalism program. Current and former students make connections at the reception. Recent honorees include: 2007 recipient Kathleen McElroy '81, a senior editor at the New York Times; 2006 recipient Rolando Santos '78, a vice president at CNN; 2005 recipient Jon Heidtke '81, a vice president at Fox Sports Net Southwest.

Advising Members of FJSA are part of A&M's journalism scholarship advisory board, helping select scholarship winners, and A&M's Student Media board, helping select editors of the Aggieland and Battalion.