Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thank you! Some great stories from you all

I am so grateful to everyone who's written and posted about how they use their Aggie background on the job. What a great peek into some different careers, as well!

News anchors John Oakey (in Omaha, Neb.) and Lisa Dalzell Spooner (in Tyler) were kind enough to
post about being 'on-air Aggies' and helping straighten folks out on sports and other coverage; the same thread has Sara McDonald's thoughts on the benefits to A&M of journalists using A&M sources and Frank Smith's recollections of helping cover the Bonfire collapse, which Oakey, Spooner and many others I spoke to also mentioned. As Frank wrote,
"It was a terrible day, and nothing mitigates that. I do think the fact that Aggies were in newsrooms across the state helped people understand the dynamics that were at work." Click here to read more on the forum.

Here are a few more of the responses y'all were kind enough to send -- and do send more if you got 'em:

"I can't begin to count the number of times I have caught and corrected an error about A&M before a story was published -- particularly about the Corps of Cadets, but also about Bonfire, traditions, sports, geography, names and more."

"On the first-day coverage of the Bonfire collapse, AP referred to the student redpots (etc.) as 'pot heads.' I called AP Dallas and got it fixed."

"I was recently asked by the sports department to describe what was happening in a photo of a bunch of freshmen who were whooping. I explained that besides the fact that the students were clearly in violation of the wildcatting rules of order, there were no hidden messages in the photo. I added that if he could find the offending Aggies, he should require them to push. I got no response to that."