Wednesday, June 11, 2008

FJSA sets Fall Reception date: Oct. 11

That's the K-State game, for those of you caught without your football calendar. We've got the MSC Stark Galleries, the same classy venue as last year. Kickoff is currently slated for 1 p.m. but yeah, you know it'll change, so watch this space and FJSA.com. The reception may be held before the game, giving us a reason to get to campus before parking goes insane and then stroll across to Kyle in a civilized fashion; or possibly we'll hold it after the game, in which case we can hang out in the air-conditioning and drink free bottled water for an hour or so while everybody else fights traffic.

Seriously: Please plan to come if you can. Last year we actually had breaking news: Kathleen surprised us by announcing the Skip Leabo scholarship, and associate dean Pamela Matthews told us about faculty changes, the new Student Reporter program and other news.

This year, there are rumblings of a Battalion staffers reunion that same weekend... holler if you have interest or ideas for same. (Is there still a Batt staff photo framed on the wall at Duddley's?)

The main event will be the induction of another great Aggie journalist into the FJSA Hall of Honor. Again, watch this space and FJSA.com for more as we get closer.

Guaranteed to happen: catching up with comrades and meeting current students. Also, the Batt is now close by in the MSC, and if you're a grizzled vet of the RDMC dungeon, you owe it to yourself to see the cool space they have now.

Much thanks to FJSA's Natalie Holladay and Student Media's Dell Bomnskie for making the arrangements possible. (Natalie is humoring me by checking into the possibility of cheese cubes this year... e-mail me to vote for cheese if you share my cheese obsession!)