Sunday, August 3, 2008

A&M football writing/photos sought

Received last week. I've linked the PDFs he mentions to this text (let me know if they aren't working) and he is reachable at scott at thegameextra dot com. Note: This is open to current students!

My name is Scott Gramling, and I'm the Editor-in-Chief of a new magazine called THE GAME. The magazine's mission is to offer a fun read for fans at each of Texas A&M's seven 2008 home games. THE GAME focuses on the lifestyles, players, coaches, places and products that are of interest to Aggie fans. The projected print run is 25,000 copies per game, and the magazine is distributed free of charge (revenue is advertising-driven).
Because capturing the distinct tone, flavor and spirit of TAMU football is so important to the editorial content of the magazine, I was hoping to get in touch with recent graduates who might be interested in becoming contributors to our publication.
Attached is a pdf containing bios for members of THE GAME's staff to give you an idea of the experience behind the project. I've also attached a one-page flyer that summarizes the contributions we're looking for.

...We're looking for both writers to contribute individual articles as well as people to whom we can commit to reporting for the season. (We're looking for contributing photographers as well.) I'm also open to the idea of handing over some editing duties if I can find someone with some editing experience and a strong knowledge of A&M football. And I would certainly consider working with current students as well as recent grads.

...Our pay rate for writers is 25 cents per word... I've attached PDF files of our prototype cover and two internal pages (we're doing versions of the magazine for Nebraska and Oklahoma as well, and the prototype was done for Nebraska . . . please don't hold that against us!) to give you an idea of the look, tone and spirit of THE GAME.

...The length of stories we'd be looking for varies from 300 words to 1,500 words (with most falling toward either end of that spectrum as opposed to in the middle).