Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A look back: Saluting the Batt 2009-2010 staffers

It's Reading Day at A&M, soon to be followed by final exams and commencement. We wish all our student the best of luck! And thanks to info provided by advisor Cheri Shipman, we will spend the next few days honoring the Batt and Aggieland staffers of the past year. Great work, guys.

Coming up soon are details on students' summer internships and their recent awards. Today, we'll start with a general salute to the past year's Batt staffers. (Matt Woolbright '12, a sophomore sociology major whom we've written about before, will be leading the Fall 2010- Spring 2011 teams, and those leaders will be announced in June.)

Leadership team
Fall 2009-Spring 2010 Editor in Chief Amanda Casanova
Fall 2009 Managing Editor Mattie Williamson
Spring 2010 Managing Editor Jill Beathard
Fall 2009-Spring 2010 Assistant Managing Editor Matt Woolbright
Fall 2009-Spring 2010 Opinion Editor Ian McPhail
Fall 2009 City Editor Meagan O’Toole-Pitts
Spring 2010 City Editor Vicky Flores
Fall 2009 Sports Editor TD Durham
Spring 2010 Sports Editor David Harris
Fall 2009 Lifestyles Editor Jill Beathard
Spring 2010 Lifestyles Editor Megan Keyho
Fall 2009-Spring 2010 Graphics Chief Evan Andrews
Fall 2009 Photo Chief Nicholas Badger
Fall 2009 New Media Chief Calli Turner
Spring 2010 Video/Photo Chief Megan Ryan
Desk assistants
Kyle Cunningham, Jeramie Heflin, Laura Sanchez, Sam Smith, Angela Washeck
Copy editors
Brandon Earman, Rachel Latham, Meagan O’Toole-Pitts, Julie Rambin, Jason Staggs, Micah Stephens, JD Swiger, Tracey Wallace

Summer team
Editor in Chief Vicky Flores, junior management information system major
Graphics chief Evan Andrews, junior visual studies major
Page one/copy editor Rebecca Bennett, senior English and communication major
Sports/Lifestyles editor David Harris, junior economics major
Opinion editor Ian McPhail, senior history major
Managing editor Megan Ryan, junior English major