Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oct. 15 kickoff moves, so does FJSA - but with Dale!

Kickoff for the Oct. 15 A&M/Baylor game has been moved to 11 a.m. -- so FJSA will meet afterward, at 4 p.m., directly after the game. Just head straight there and we'll get started, say, 15-30 minutes after the game, at the same location (described below, in previous post).

And Dale Rice, head of Texas A&M's Journalism Studies program, will be there and speak at the reception! He'll give us an update on the program -- he's achieving quite a lot and I really encourage everybody to come meet him. Longtime newspaper reporter and editor now seriously dedicated to creating a high-quality journalism program whose graduates can go anywhere in modern news media.

Do not fear: Our guest of honor and, I understand, some of his A&M journalism classmates and cohorts will be there at 4; we'll schmooze, chat and add his plaque to the Battalion's wall. Erm, that is if they have the plaques up on the wall of the portable trailer (see discussion of Batt's temporary location due to MSC construction, also below).

Personally I kinda like having the reception after the game, because we get to take a short stroll from Kyle over to the air-conditioned room and enjoy ourselves while all the traffic clears out. Just my 2 cents!

In case my tweets were confusing (I myself am often confused), we play Tech THIS weekend in Lubbock, and Baylor next week at Kyle. C'mon down!