Thursday, March 29, 2007

Meet Dr. Douglas Starr, AGCJ professor

I taught Journalism from 1986 till the dean killed the J-department in 2004, and I moved to the College of Ag, Department of Ag Leadership, Education, and Communications, where I teach Journalism.

Journalism is not dead at Texas A&M University. It is alive and well. Our Ag Comm/Jour program provides a major, not a minor, in Journalism: newspaper news, broadcast news, public relations, magazine production.

We have four faculty members.

Dr. Deb Dunsford, who taught eight years in Journalism before moving over to Ag Comm/Jour where she teaches PR principles and practices and PR writing.

Dr. Gary Wingenbach, who teaches graduate Comm/Jour courses.

Dr. Tracy Rutherford, who teaches feature writing, photography, and magazine design and publishing.

I teach copy editing, news writing for print and broadcast, and PR principles and practices.

Three of us have had professional experience, some more than others. Dunsford worked in PR for several years, Rutherford worked in photography a short time. I worked in news, covering government, politics, and desegregation in Mississippi and Florida for the Associated Press; and in government public affairs (PR) in Florida.

Note from Sue: I went here to read more about the Ag Jour courses.

Dr. Starr says: "If you remember your JOUR 203, 303, 304 courses, you know AGCJ 203, 303, 304. They are the same courses. Even taught by the same professors (Dunsford and Starr).

"Like the old days, you need an A, B, or C to pass a J-course. D won't do it."


Anonymous said...

Enrollment in any AGCJ course does NOT require passing the GSP exam.