Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Meet Doug Pils '92, San Antonio Express-News

Douglas Pils
Class of '92
San Antonio Express-News (almost 2 years)
Night Sports Editor/Sunday Page 2 writer

I wouldn't be where I am today without those crazy two years at the Batt and my semester as the editor in Spring 1992. Clay Rasmussen (where is that guy) hired me and I also worked with Nadja Sabawala, Richard Tijerina (TJ), Scott Wudel, Doug Foster, Steve O'Brien, Chris Whitley, Jason Morris, Bridget Harrow, Mack Harrison, Karl Stolleis, etc. Jason and I helped transform the Batt from the old Hastech system to Macs and Quark when the paper moved back to the Reed McDonald basement in Fall 1991. I was the Aggie Bus driving journalist. It's the only way I could afford to work at the Batt, so I'm amazed to see how much the Batt crew makes just 15 years later.

My career started with the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (year and a day) and went through the Waco Tribune-Herald (two-plus years), Corpus Christi Caller-Times (year and a day), Arlington Morning News (almost five years), the Dallas Morning News (five months, plus a leave of absence to finish masters degree at North Texas), the Associated Press in Arkansas covering the Razorbacks (two years), one school year freelancing for Newsday's Hi-Five magazine, and almost two years with the San Antonio Express-News.

I married a Long Island girl who attended Ball State. We have two boys (3 and seven months).
I'm serving on A&M's Student Media Board with Michael Landauer, another former Batt editor, and we recently helped select the editors for the upcoming school year. Teachers and advisers are doing all they can to provide a quality journalism education at Texas A&M, but we should do all we can to bring the major back. Give new Battalion adviser Cheri Johnson a call if you to do anything to help motivate and teach students there now. Cheri's doing a great job.