Monday, June 4, 2007

Using your journalism education: PR

For students interested in the field of PR, here's some help from Kristal Goehring '06, a PR account executive:

If you're interested in working in public relations in Dallas, I would encourage you to join New Professionals in Public Relations (Nupros).
Nupros, a Public Relations Society of America’s Dallas chapter initiative, is an organization tailored to meet the needs of younger public relations professionals. It was created for practitioners who have been in the public relations industry less than five years, and provides opportunities for networking and professional development. Membership is free, and attendance to events is open to the general public. To learn more, visit http://www.prsadallas.org/nupros.html.
Check out the website or the Facebook and MySpace pages (search for 'Dallas Nupros') for meeting information and industry updates. Any student or recent grad who wants to check out the events is welcome.

(Their Facebook page inspired me to start one for this blog, in hopes of giving students an easy way to connect, give opinions, maybe ask questions or tell former students what kind of assistance they need.)

Coming soon: Information on the Houston NuPRos chapter.

Also, in our conversation, this came up:

You mentioned knowing AP style - you may already know this, but at bigger PR agencies, it's common to take a writing test as part of the interview process and you're expected to know AP style. I've noticed while coordinating internships that many students who earn a PR/Comm degree don't have a background in journalism/AP style, which can put them at a disadvantage with regard to some job opportunities. My AP stylebook is always with me at work!