Thursday, November 22, 2007

Nothing good on TV? Watch some Batt video!

Happy Thanksgiving to all. If you're planning to settle down and watch TV after your turkey, here's dessert: Batt videos! (No writers' strike here.)

On the Batt's homepage, they link to staff videos including coverage of Fish Fest starring Granger Smith '02 (he of "We Bleed Maroon") and "The Batt Asks" for student opinions on Student Bonfire and Bonfire Remembrance Week.

If your installed Flash player is feeble, as mine apparently was, you can still turn to Batt video on YouTube and watch clips on topics including:
"Aggie Nights, not the kind on Northgate"
"Batt Asks: MSC Renovations"
"Tellus and Thomas tell it like it is" (featuring the ever-quotable Martellus Bennett)

Other student groups are using YouTube as well; one example is this promotional video for the Aggie Wranglers dance group, showing what some people who really know how to jitterbug can do. Ah, back in Old Army days ... (I was never even remotely this good. But it sure was fun.)

Among hundreds of A&M-related videos on YouTube, a few of the most-viewed are the much-emailed "Leave Coach Fran Alone," itself a parody of a YouTube video defending poor, misunderstood Britney Spears; lots of great Aggie Band halftime performances; numerous sports highlights, including Quentin Coryatt encouraging some people to sit down and Acie Law doing his game-saving thing; some perhaps less proud moments as an ABC camera captured the origin of "Squeeze, Army!" on tape, and, oh dear, well, after that I'll leave you with highlights from the 1990 Holiday Bowl. Whoop and BTHOtu!