Monday, December 31, 2007

First year of this blog, and what's next for FJSA

A lot has happened this year in FJSA.

Since this blog began in March, we've heard from Aggies around the U.S. and the world -- from Kenya to England, from California to the Pentagon. The blog's daily traffic is rising steadily. Folks are checking in, saying hi, sending news, and I am grateful to every one of you.

For the first time in about a decade, FJSA is raising money for a new journalism scholarship. At our fall reception, we learned of plans to hire a new journalism/women's studies prof and about changes that may lead to students being once again able to major in journalism. (More on that TK.)

FJSA members who serve on committees at A&M help award journalism scholarships and keep up to date on the university's actions. FJSA members have served as Journalists-in-Residence and taught journalism classes at A&M, and more members keep volunteering to come help students in any way they can.

Also new for FJSA this year:

I don't think we've definitively hooked anybody up with a job quite yet, but we do have an exchange of information going on with people both seeking jobs and hiring, and we've provided some advice to students and recent grads.

Some news that's coming in the near future: We'll report on Liberal Arts' progress toward making journalism an interdisciplinary major and toward hiring a journalism/women's studies prof; the Journalism Studies Program will announce its 2008 Journalists-in-Residence; and FJSA will take nominations for the 2008 Hall of Honor inductee.

Some things I personally want to look into in 2008:

  • What FJSA might be able to do in pursuit of grants, to secure more funding for the Journalism Studies program.
  • Creating (with the help of some of you all) fact sheets to be available on the Web, supplying background on current journalism education available at A&M, why more would be better and how it fits into A&M's overall mission, and publicizing FJSA events and efforts (thank you Kristal for this key idea).

Stay tuned!