Monday, July 14, 2008

Bean '74: Former Aggieland staffer checks in

Update received recently from Kevin Bean '74 -- thank you, Kevin!

I'm Kevin Bean '74. I served as co-sports editor of AGGIELAND '73, Sports Editor of AGGIELAND '74 and Assistant Editor of AGGIELAND '75. I also wrote the occasional sports story for the Batt during summer school in '74 and '75. My most significant achievements according to Ags I meet now seem to be that I was @ The Chicken on opening night in May, 1974, and was also a charter creating member of the Moses Hall RAB's, who apparently still champion the party life and associated depravity that we founded lo those many years ago.

I've been living in the Dallas area since getting my MS in math from TAMU in 1975. Although I entered A&M on a journalism scholarship, I never took a single journalism class. Ultimately, I missed it a lot, which led to my AGGIELAND posts. My roommates in graduate school were Steve Krauss '76 and Bill Slingerland '76, both staffers. Steve was a photographer for the Batt and Aggieland, while Billy served many Aggieland posts including assistant editor of the centennial AGGIELAND in 1976. He's now a teacher @ Port Aransas High School. I worked for AT&T for 29 years before leaving in 2007 and now work for LeeMAH Electronics in Richardson where I also live. I have a daughter, 26, married and living in Austin, who graduated from UNT in 2004.

I was glad to see Paul McGrath's posting. I have such great memories of drawing a walking call on him at the end of the 2nd annual BATT-AGGIELAND basketball game that clinched the game for us. He still claims it was a homer call, since two of the basketball team who were friends of mine had agreed to officiate. I noted a letter to the editor of the Dallas Morning News from TC Gallucci '75 so I'm assuming she still lives in the Plano area. It would be great to hear from some of the old AGGIELAND staffers like Norman Chatman, Steve Hill, Sherry Ellis Jackson, aw you all know who you are. I can be reached at jkbean74 (at) swbell.net. Thanks for this forum. I'm also in LinkedIn. Gig 'em, RABS and AGS.

Sue here again: As a former resident of Northside myself, I had heard of this place called "the Chicken" that he mentions. He tells me they didn't serve pitchers when they first opened up, just longnecks for 40 or 50 cents. When I was there, I think you could get a Pearl for 85 cents, and a Lone Star was a dollar (or "four laundry quarters," as we referred to it).