Monday, October 13, 2008

A nod to Galveston reporters Foley '05, Meyers '05

We took a moment at the FJSA Fall Reception on Oct. 11 to recognize Aggies who worked to keep news coming to Texans during and after Hurricane Ike. Particularly mentioned was the work done for the Galveston County Daily News by Rhiannon Meyers and Sara Foley, two members of the A&M Class of '05. This description from Galveston Editor Heber Taylor was read out at the reception:

Sara Foley and Rhiannon Meyers worked tirelessly through the storm and its aftermath. Rhiannon’s apartment was destroyed. For awhile, she and Sara were living (along with a few other news folks) in The Daily News building. The newsroom was operating more or less around the clock.

Some of their best work was in telling the stories of people who left everything behind or who lost everything.

Sara rode a bus to Austin with poor people who had no other way to get off the island. She stayed with them in a shelter until some of the authorities, offended by what she’d written, forced her to leave.

Rhiannon talked to people in the public housing projects whose homes took in about 5 feet of water. She described how they picked through the wreckage, trying to salvage something here and there.

Their work was immediate, accurate and powerful.

Both of them are awfully good at what they do.


Foley and Meyers have both worked to help FJSA this year and we thank them for that also. Sorry we couldn't see you guys at the reception, but Foley was moving to her new job at the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, and Meyers had to work over the weekend! We missed you both. And thank you.